NanoBeam NBE-M5-19-US

NanoBeam NBE-M5-19-US

Ubiquiti Networks

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NBE-M5-19 NanoBeam M5 - 5GHz 19 dBi Hardware Overview – All-in-One Design Innovative Mechanical Design • All-in-one design The NanoBeam provides both the radio and antenna in the smallest possible footprint. • Quick and easy installation No fasteners are required for pole-mounting, and a single wall fastener (not included) is required for wall-mounting. • Convenient alignment The NanoBeam pivots on its ball joint for easy aiming. Compact Form Factor • Efficient footprint The radio and antenna are combined into a single body that takes up minimal space. • Versatile mounting The NanoBeam can be mounted in almost any position needed for line of sight. • Aesthetics The NanoBeam is small enough to blend discreetly into the background at a customer's location.

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