airFiber 24GHz 2Gbps HD x2

Ubiquiti Networks

  • $ 5,800.00



Up to 20 Gbps Aggregate Performance* and Sub-Millisecond Latency

with World’s Best Unlicensed-Band 15.9 bps/Hz Spectral Efficiency.
*airFiber is used as a backhaul serving thousands of basestations.

Performing as a carrier-class network backhaul, airFiber® delivers robust
FDD performance in full-duplex mode with 0.2 millisecond latency.

Spectral Efficiency Breakthrough

airFiber® implements the most efficient use of unlicensed-band spectrum – a vital attribute in increasingly crowded RF environments. By employing a unique dual-antenna design and proprietary self-interference cancellation algorithms, airFiber extracts more usable channels out of the available spectrum than any other comparable radio system. airFiber’s built-in configuration tool guides the selection of RF channel bandwidths, transmit power, and other parameters to minimize interference potential and optimize link budgets.

Innovative Design, RF Agility

airFiber provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing independently selectable, asymmetric TX/RX channel bandwidths and selectable TX/RX frequencies wherever spectrum is available and without being locked into predetermined FDD channel pairs. Split-frequency TDD operation facilitates maximum versatility in avoiding interference in today’s crowded bands. Channel width flexibility allows you to independently configure TX and RX channel widths (10/20/30/40/50 MHz) and place them anywhere within the radio band to suit your link.

Powerful Multi-Mode Duplexing

airFiber® supports all duplexing modes: TDD, FDD, and Ubiquiti’s patented HDD – no other radio system
provides this level of flexibility. Ubiquiti’s proprietary protocol enables time-synchronous packet transmission,
resulting in the lowest possible, sub-millisecond latency – vital for backhaul performance.

Line-Rate Packet Processing

Ubiquiti’s custom silicon, our proprietary INVICTUS™ core communications
processing engine, powers airFiber® to process 2+ million packets per second.

Clean Power Output

Using digital pre-distortion compensation and multi-IFFT processing, airFiber® delivers the cleanest output spectrum for unlicensed-band radio systems. This reduces the potential impact on the RF noise environment and allows for the use of higher-order modulation, such as 1024QAM.

20 Gbps Aggregate Performance

airFiber® operates as a high-performance wireless backhaul; its GPS-synchronized framing support enables up to 20 Gbps of aggregate throughput for thousands of basestations.

Model Comparison

Frequency Mid‑Band 5 GHz High-Band 5 GHz 24 GHz 24 GHz
Throughput 1.2+ Gbps 1.2+ Gbps 1.4+ Gbps 2 Gbps
Range 100+ km 100+ km 13+ km 20+ km

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